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"Divine Feminine: Rainbow" Gallery Performance and Installation for O+ Festival

Broadway Arts, Kingston NY, October 2016

featuring performers: Erin Keating, Holly McDonald, Soyal Smalls, Andrea Onstot, Lindsey Rothlein, Chelsea Munoz, Sydney Bergeron, Anna Laura Hafner

featuring musicians: Eli Winograd, Jeff Wrightson, MK Ultra, Molly Riddle

This performance featured live, improvised, ambient music by an animal band and a performance of raising up the divine feminine to meet the divine masculine and heal the imbalance of power. The performance channels the energy of the Alchemical Hermaphrodite, who is both the holy balance of the two binary concepts of gender and the the absolute dissolution of gender. This was achieved by slow Butoh movements led by the artist, who awakened each performer and visually aligned them in rainbow order to achieve the highest healing vibration for the ritual/performance.

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