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S P I R I T S 

"Catskill Mountain Spirits" Immersive, wandering, durational performance for O+ Festival 2014, Kingston, NY 


featuring performers: Will Lytle, JR Cheney, Holly McDonald, Molly Riddle, Jeff Wrightson, Shandrah Faith, Louis Jargow, Pascal Nodelman, Andrea Onstot, Emily, MK Ultra

Featuring additional modeling by Zoe West

Additional performance appearances as the "Catskill Mountain Spirits" include the Chronogram Block Party, First Friday Saugerties, The Secret City Woodstock, O+ Parades for multiple years, Sinterklaas Rhinebeck, and various private events. 

These creatures are born out of the artist's love for the natural wonder of their home and the magical spirits, animals and plants experienced in personal local adventures in the Catskill Mountains. Additionally, these characters are inspired by the artist's group of creative friends who each exhibit a passionate, feral love of nature, anarchy, and the absurd.

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