This is my oldest creative practice, dress-up, identity play, and this is my place of safety, an escape from societal norms of gender and social constructs in the self. This is the first step in accessing freedom of spirit, by questioning authenticity and the self through characters. My first alter ego was ANNA REXIA, my punk rock/fuck you approach to taking back power over my image, my way of battling EDs, insecurity, body dysmorphia, self-hate and depression through drag and costume.  Over time, Anna Rexia faded and other characters sprung forth, the body became my canvas and not quite of me, and the true self only appears in the glimmering myriad of different looks created over time. This has been an ever-evolving dialogue with identity/self-constructs, questioned with paint, makeup, costumery and captured by the new hypernorm: photographic portraiture.

Oh, the 21st century, where identity exploration is validated through the art of the selfie and social media. I am yet another to participate upon the documentation of identity exploration through selfies and the luck of having talented friends photograph me, most especially Brad Walsh. 

Here is my collection of egos, enjoy!



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digital by Brad Walsh 2012