Anna is a multi-disciplinary living artist in Kingston, NY, and working in the areas of costume, painting, performance art, illustration, lo-fi installation and DIY puppetry. She is a creator of occasional rituals and happenings.

Anna's performance art manifests in two ways: first, as a colorful pantheon of costumed creatures, who live amongst hand painted backdrops filled with verdant textures; second, darker solo performances, using waste to question human excess and societal control of the feminine. She uses tactics of mime, Butoh and improv to lead performance rituals.  Anna's costume and mask work are made with recycled mixed media and trash is often incorporated within each performance, through set, prop or costume.  Imagery of her performances are echoed within her illustrations, paintings, prints and backdrops; they are expressive and mystical, honoring nature through symbol and landscape.


Drawing on esoteric ideas, mythic symbolism and nature, Anna's work aims to speak abstractly and emotionally about the greater struggle of excessive waste within society, the destruction of nature, uncontrolled human greed, and our lost connection with the Earth.

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