Anna is an interdisciplinary queer artist from Woodstock, NY and uses she/they pronouns.


Anna makes art that speaks about mask-wearing in society and how we hide our true, animalistic nature through social semantics, and how that has brought us to the state of obsessive over-consumption. The artist's aim is to reflect upon the social constructs of identity, greed, and consumption in the digital age where we are hyper connected yet hyper DISconnected from nature.

Anna's work is colorful, textural, and fantastical, laced with influences of psychedelia and folk art, and she uses traditional nature symbolism to convey meaning. 2-D work is a mixture of fantasy illustration and traditional plein air landscape. Trash and recycled materials are core elements used in the creation of 3-D work. Anna's art manifests as masks, costumes, performances, installations, illustration, and murals.

Anna is currently based on the coast in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico during the global coronavirus lockdown until further notice.

Commissions available upon request.

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