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Durational performance at Art/Life Institute, Kingston, NY, October 2019

This installation featured large cloth murals, fresh mugwort, pulsing lights, cardboard and paper mache sculptures, paper mache masks and dyed robes. Ambient sounds performed live by Galaexius.  Three performers moved very slowly offered mugwort to the room.

Humans, like plants,  grow their ideas from seed to flower to fruit. It starts with the inkling of a dream that then has the potential to snowball and grow with work, action, and willpower. The performers move like the slow, unseen growth of plants - growing before your eyes, moving forward. Mugwort, the plant in this ritual, brings lucid dreams, and therefore is used to amplify and grow awakening dreams into fruitful reality. This performance is a meditation on cultivating dreams using plant wisdom and movement. 

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