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Anna Laura Hafner (they/them or she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer inspired by magic, mysticism, and nature as they intersect with modern society.  They are from Woodstock NY and they currently live in Mexico City. 

Anna comes from a long line of Woodstock artists, raised with traditional techniques of plein air and observation from the Woodstock School of Art and infused with inspiration from the Maverick Arts Colony and NYC underground performance art.


This work is an expression to our innate connection to nature and the cosmos while navigating an earth dying by our own hands and mistreatment. Society, in all its interconnectedness through AI, has become increasingly disconnected from the earth and our natural magic. How do we return to our animal nature, and honor earth, and can we?

Anna's work has explored the idea of "returning to nature" during the Anthropocene and its issues of tech addiction, over-consumption, loss of habitat and climate change. Anna has a broad range of styles, from traditional landscape painting to photography to mixed-media performance art that reflect on these ideas. Combining nature imagery and mythic symbolism with elements of abstract psychedelia, Anna creates magic worlds with painting and performance art that aim to reconnect us to the Earth. Their current work is a series of gestural plant paintings comparing the entangled feelings of mental illness with forest thickets and twisting jungles.



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Bard College

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