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Art Direction


Costume Design

Private and Group Workshops

Workshops Offered:

Connecting to the Feral Self

Dream Travel and Interpretation

Recycled Theater-Making

Revitalization of Self through Performance

email to learn more - all have creative components of painting, drawing, performing, dance, puppetry, mask-making, etc. depends on what calls to you....

Past Press:

NYLON Mag, Woodstock Times, Hudson Valley One, the Daily Freeman, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, the New York Times, Chronogram, Incident Mag, and more. 

Past Clients:

HBO, the Fisher Center for Performing Arts, Heroboy Productions, Lumina Films, Avalanche (Ava Labs), Christian Siriano, Mark Roberts, Brad Walsh, Mountain Jam, O+ Festival, Kimberly Hodges, Pearl Arts Gallery/Christine Glenn, Chronogram, and more. 

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Anna Laura Hafner is a multidisciplinary artist and designer inspired by the intersection of nature, myth and the Anthropocene Era. The work she creates is a reaction to contemporary post-capitalist society and its complexities.  Anna has a broad range of styles, from painting to photography to mixed-media performance art which enable her to create magic worlds and new myths for future generations.  She incorporates imagery from her own memories, dreams and psyche, correlating them to the experience of the collective consciousness. Using cosmic and earthly symbolism, her pieces illustrate themes of home, transformation and excess.


This work is an expression to the innate collective connection to nature, while we navigate an Earth dying by our own doing. Society, in all its interconnectedness through technology, has become increasingly disconnected from the earth and our natural magic. What symbols can we use to bring us back to our eternal connection to the natural world, and can we even "return to nature" now that technology is so deeply fused with our body and social habits? 



Anna was born and raised in Woodstock, NY and is a 4th generation Woodstocker. She spent many years under the tutelage of her grandfather Bob Angeloch at the Woodstock School of Art and later on, sculptor Donna Dennis, theater-makers Marlena Marallo and Patrick Wadden at Arm-of-the-Sea Theater, and the wild community of performance artists at Rosekill Art Farm. She carries the spirit of the Maverick Arts Colony in her bones in all places she strolls and searches to connect with like-hearted communities. In the last year, she co-created an arts collective and gallery in Mexico City, which led her to be based between various places in Mexico and the Catskill Mountain Region. 

a question, commission,  collaboration....

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