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Sales of Existing Work


Event Performance and Production

Costume Design and Fabrication

Mask Design and Fabrication

Graphic Design

Textile Design

Brand/Logo Design


Private and Group Workshops in:

Watercolor, Acrylic, Mask-Making

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Anna Laura Hafner is a multidisciplinary artist and designer inspired by the intersection of nature and myth with our contemporary digital society.  Anna has a broad range of styles, from traditional landscape painting to photography to mixed-media performance art which enable her to create magic worlds and new myths for future generations. The work she creates is a reaction to the human-caused climate change. Anna is from Woodstock, NY, USA and currently lives in CDMX.


This work is an expression to the innate collective connection to nature, while we navigate an Earth dying by our own doing. Society, in all its interconnectedness through technology, has become increasingly disconnected from the earth and our natural magic. Can we "return to nature" now that technology is so deeply fused with our body and social habits? 

a question, commission, order, collaboration....

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